Thursday, February 22, 2018

About Us

The Story so far....

CPOS Systems was formed in 1987 by Gary Smith, and is currently in it's 24th year of business within the POS/Hospitality Market.

It quickly grew from first year sales of £100k to £1 million within 4 years, and was leading the field in new groundbreaking technology within the POS Market place, and adopted Uniwell Systems (UK) and Uniwell Point of Sale products as it's main line pos solution.

logo Uniwell themselve's under the steerage of Peter Hutchings was another similar Company which had seen spectacular growth since its inception in 1985,  and had a very similar thinking ethos to that of CPOS. Market penetration by both Companies was fierce, and the Market place was adopting to "Rom Based" "Preset" Cash Terminals very quickly due to the benefits of Stock Control & Security. Certainly in the Hospitality field "Security" was always a major problem, and now through control this was becoming identifiable.

logo_stanleyStanley Leisure was the first "Big Name" to enter the CPOS Stables, with 40 Terminals supplied to 18 Casino's throughout the UK. This number continued to grow over the next few years, until the launch of Uniwell's first "Touchscreen Terminal" which was soon adopted by Stanley Leisure.

CPOS was now attracting the "Major Corporates" now with its ethos on ongoing Service & Support being a contributory factor to growth, and one of the "Next Generation" Companies was just starting to grow at this point and was to become one of the fastest growing UK Companies in Hospitality.

REV_logo_small_2_whitewith_starburstRevolution Vodka Bars started in Ashton-u-Lyne Manchester, and was quickly spreading across the North West. CPOS installed the first of the Liverpool Vodka Bars, and Revolution quickly realised the information benefits to its quickly growing portfolio ,and installed Uniwell Touchscreen Terminals across all of its estate. This continued for another 2 years until the launch of J2's 650 PC Based Touchscreen Terminal, and the entire estate was replaced with the new PC Based in over 60 locations throughout the UK and over 500 Terminals !!! Revolution is one of our most valued customer's with a party atmosphere and friendly staff at all of its sites.

1999-2000 WaiterPAD Arrives

WP_logo_PSmidPalmteq of Australia which was later to become universally known as TriniTEQ launched the very first RF Handheld Terminal in the UK via Uniwell Systems, and CPOS Systems was the first Dealer in the UK to install a 3 Handheld System into Pan American Bar on the Albert Dock in Liverpool. Owner Mike Guttman who was an ex IBM Systems Analyst loved the new Technology, which worked without issue throughout the old warehouse location. CPOS soon made dramatic inroads in the UK installing 22 Handheld Systems within the first year of bringing the new technology to the forefront of Hospitality Service. Now some 11 years later there is approximately over 500 installations of WaiterPAD within the UK through CPOS and Dealers alike.

2006 TriniTEQ Acquires CPOS Systems

TriniteqlogosmallwebApril 19th 2006 heralds a new dawn with TriniTEQ of Australia (WaiterPAD) acquiring CPOS Systems in a "It's the way forward" enterprise, combining the Sales power of CPOS and the technology of WaiterPAD & WaiterPOS. Exciting times begin with the introduction of a Dealer Channel which see's over 17 dealers signed up under the new Enterprise to promote and increase the sales of the TriniTEQ stable within the UK.

CPOS continues to strive forward with the power of Triniteq behind it and year on year growth proves that the technology continues to excite the market. 2011 see's some major announcements coming ...... although it's bit early yet to tell you !!! Stay tuned...... and see the next evolution... it's on it's way .....