Thursday, February 22, 2018

WaiterPOS Advert

advert1WaiterPOS Advert System is "Here"

Advertise your products & services

Highlight up & coming events

Pay for your POS System by selling "simple" space !!

Proven visual techniques increase footfall & profits ....

Simply put "This is a huge step forward were every client can increase profits with little expenditure" The System works with nearly every monitor on the market, and can even link to plasma and led TV's. HD Video with sound if needed plus HD adverts held in simple jpg formats can seriously increase visibility of your producta at checkout or payment. Increased security, daily playlists of adverts can be intelligently set to periods of time through the day !!!

advert3Optional Pole Mount displays can be added for maximum visibility and impact ......

Some Featues of the System :-

No limit on the number of adverts or videos running

Anti-Theft deterrent due to items sold showing on display

Connection via internet for "updating" of "playlists" and "adverts/videos"

High Quality HD adverts & videos played

Flashing No Sales & Corrections on display act as a deterrent

Multi position of "overlayed" sales image

Multiple sites or terminals can be "Synced" for maximum impact & control

Site Logo can be added for consumer branding

Automatic re-sizing of videos to correct render when running sales display

JPG Adverts are opaquely overlayed with the sales display - Gradient changeable

Download a brochure from here