Thursday, February 22, 2018

WaiterPAD GX



The WaiterPad solution is an advanced restaurant POS system that has been successfully deployed in 17 countries. The system uses both software and radio frequency (RF) technology to enable staff to wirelessly take and send orders, access menu information such as tasting notes and ingredients and update back office inventory in real time. This saves time, both for the venue and for the customer, which in turn increases efficiency and enhances profitability. Customers have experienced in excess of 10-15% improvement to the bottom line, annually, and a return on investment in 6 to 9 months.

The "New" CE Version now takes communications to the "Next Level" with a 40% increase in both speed and distance using the latest RF Chipset, which encompasses the latest in Data compression and increased packet size. The New WaiterPAD CE is the next generation Market Leader. The fast CPU of the hand held makes ordering even quicker, with a silky smooth flow across the glass touchscreen making ordering very precise and accurate. The device is also a  must for Beer Gardens, Festivals, Outdoor Concerts due to the flawless communications which WiFi struggles to get anywhere near, and combine that with Bluetooth belt printing you can now just order and print on your waist in an instant !!!


wk 27422-04cDRWhy does WaiterPad work so effectively?

High powered microwaves, stainless steel areas, mobile phones and wireless laptops are all a part of a typical hospitality environment. TriniTEQ has found that these factors may interfere with handheld ordering systems that use standard wireless technology. With this in mind, TriniTEQ has developed proprietary technology that enables WaiterPad to use radio frequency (RF). This ensures no dropouts from interference with other wireless devices, longer battery life and therefore greater reliability. It also allows WaiterPad handhelds to cover greater distances and transmit through solid objects. Standard wireless solutions do not function when there is no connection with the network, for example, where there is a black spot area or the handheld is out of range. WaiterPad handhelds can still be used and orders can be taken when out of range. The order is stored on the WaiterPad and is simply transmitted by the user when back in range.

The new 2200mah battery gives exceptional life with recharging reduced dramatically, and also included is the OT Charging Cradle which not only charges the Hand Held when docked, but can also charge a spare battery at the same time, giving un-paralleled and extensive operational times without the need to re-charge. Drop tested to 1.2m the unit gives peace of mind in harsh environments and the unit  fits snugly in one hand making most operators love the lightness and ease of use, which reduces the risk of RSI and other medical issues associated with handling bulky or heavy equipment in your hands.






New RF Aerial & Soft Network Controller

Ground breakling new "RF" Chipsets see the introduction of our new Aerial, over 40% more powerful than previous versions, and incorporating the lastest RF Chipset which gives superb reliable and smooth communications, and to give you an example of such power, a typical large order of over 100 items can be transmitted to the POS in less than a SECOND !!!! YES !! Less than a SECOND !!!

The Aerial can also be used on our legacy Hardware Network Controllers by a simple jumper switch and upgrade to Version 7 POS Software. This also increases previous performance of legacy hand held devices under our brand, and keeps existing customers in touch with latest developments at a low cost.

The introduction of the "Soft Network Controller" see's two years of exhaustive development come to fruition, with seamless communications the new Software Netwok Controller can now be installed on a Terminal and connected via a RS232 port, allowing for very inexpensive addition of Hand Held devices for your business without the need of more expensive harware. The release of two versions, a Software NC Lite, which gives the ability of 1 Aerial and up to 3 hand helds, and Software NC Power which gives up to 2 Aerials and 5 hand held units, with further individual updating to 4 aerials and unlimited handhelds !! never has there been a time to adopt WaiterPAD for your business and see the bottom line profits rise.



Have a demonstration and see the power and flexibility of WaiterPAD, established in the hand held RF business for over 12 years !! bespoke just for you ............. :)





WaiterPAD GX
CPU Arm 933 533mhz CPU
Memory Mobile DDR 128MB, NAND flash 256MB
LCD 4.3” touch WQVGA
Connection Interface WiFi 802.11 b/g
Built-in class 2 bluetooth 2.1+EDR
Mini USB 2.0 (client) / 1.1 (host)
Operating System Windows CE 5.0 Pro
Audio Speaker, internal microphone, earphone jack,
microphone jack
Storage Micro SD card (SDHC support)
Special Features Alert via vibration
4-way direction sensor
Ambient light sensor
Battery Li-ion 2200 mAh (with gauge)
Ruggedness IP54, 1.5 meter drop test
Dimensions 133 mm (H) x 82 mm (W) x 19 mm (D)
Weight Approx. 250g with battery
  Operating Storage
Temperature 0~40 °C -20~60 °C
Certifications EMC & Safety: CE, FCC, BSMI, LVD
Accessories Included: hand strap, stylus cord, high quality stylus,
AC adaptor, battery