Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bibis Italianissimo !!! Magnifico !!!

bibis-italianissimo1Bibis Italianissimo Leeds

In modern times it takes something really extra special to take your breath away !! but this Restaurant achieves that plus more !! It has to be the most well designed and beatifully architectured restaurant in recent years, the decor is fantastic, and coupled with special menu's and wonderful showtime events it has to be the first pencil mark in every month for that special night out. The atmosphere is something we all look for in a restaurant, and this does not dissapoint in anyway whatsover, " You could be anywhere in the "world" and for that 2 - 3 hours of fine dining  and good food it is pure escapism.

All pasta is made fresh and you can certainly taste the difference, " it was a sheer pleasure to taste Italian Cooking at it's best " enthuses Gary Smith Global Operations Director for Triniteq UK who was asking Angelo to please open another restuarant in Liverpool next !!!. "People need to experience Italian cooking here it is soooooooo good, and if possible should not be missed.


bibis leeds3Triniteq (CPOS) were called in to help in the design and implementation of a new Point of Sale System, encompassing Handheld Ordering, Multiple Terminals & Kitchen Printers to service a restaurant capable of looking after 400 diners in the finest way possible. Obviously reliability & data integrity was key to the System, and Triniteq recommended the WaiterPAD Hand Held ordering System coupled with WaiterPOS point of sale software. The reliability of WaiterPAD is evident throughout the World, with this restaurant using 8 (eight) hand held units which most other systems cannot cope with. In fact some restaurants in the USA are running with 24 WaiterPAD's in beach front restaurants without a single issue and increasing turnover +30% within the first month due to speed of service increases across the board.


Bibis-Italianissimo2Space behind the bar was at a premium so Triniteq recommended the new Partnertech 6215 Dual Core 15" Terminal with built in 80mm Epson Thermal Printer and was only launched last month since the upgrade to Dual Core and D525 1.8mhz CPU. Software speed was exceptionally fast and all printing was via ethernet printers for ease of use and instant re-direction in case of a paper jam. Sales Manager was installed on the back office computer with real time sales on the fly and exceptional reporting mechanisms.

In total 8 PT 6215 Terminals, 8 WaiterPAD CE Full Colour Handhelds, 2 New RF Aerials, 8 Integrated Thermal Printers, 2 Remote Ethernet Thermal Printers and 5 Ethernet Matrix Kitchen printers were installed.