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Bixolon SRP 275

Main Features
Technical Specifications


The BIXOLON SRP-275 receipt mini printer is an enhanced, more powerful successor to BIXOLONs bestselling SRP-270 Series of receipt mini printers, the BIXOLON SRP-275 receipt printer is compact, reliable and fast, and offers all of the easytouse features important to retail, restaurant, and hospitality environments.
The SRP-275 dot matrix receipt printer is optimized for highspeed so customer receipts and kitchen orders print faster than ever. For maximum efficiency, the SRP-275 mini printers offer's front dropin paper loading and two colour, black and red printing to highlight special offers and print logos.

-Drop in and print paper loading: Lift the lid, drop in the roll, and close the lid and print. Nothing could be easier. No more feeding rolls through slots or rollers

-Faster and quieter : Logic seeking, bidirectional print technology allows higher speed than the previous models with much less noise
Builtin power supply

-Easy download program : Logo/firmware download program helps you use logo efficiently and easily

-Print alarm buzzer for noisy places

-User-friendly mini printer setting program : Virtual Memory Switch Manager(VMSM) helps you to select the printer setting and default language change easily

-High operational reliability : The market proven quality by world installation provides you option of an autocutter and takeup, and the ability to print one original plus two copies

-Trustworthy reliability (1.8 million lines)

-Space efficient /optional vertical and wall mount kits available.

Print Printing Method 9 Pin Serial dot Matrix
Printing Speed 5.1 LPS
Resolution 80 X 144 DPI
Font Character Set Alphanumeric Character :95
Extended Graphic : 128 X 27 Page
International Character :48
Character Size Font A : 9 X 9
Font B : 7 X 9
Korean: 17 X 9
Chinese: 16 X 16
Character per Line Font A : 35
Font B : 40
Korean: 20
Chinese: 22
Paper Spec Paper type Plain Paper
Paper Width 76 ± 0.5mm
Paper Roll Diameter Max Ø 83.0mm
Paper Supply Method Easy Paper Loading
Reliability MCBF 18 Million Lines
Auto Cutter 1.5 Million cuts
TPH 300 Million dot/wire
Flash Memory 8Mbits
Driver -Windows Driver
-OPOS Driver
-Linux CUPS Driver
Sensor Paper Near End Sensor, Paper End Sensor , Rear Cover Open Sensor
Drawer Port 2 Ports
Interface RS-232C, IEEE1284, USB Rev. 1.1 Full-Speed, Ethernet
Option Wall Mount RWM-350
Language Buyer Language Support
Power Supply (Adapter) AC 120 ~240V DC 24V,1.5A
Dimensions (W*L*H) 160 x 239 x 157 mm
Operating Temp 0 ~ 45 °C
Auto Cutter Type Rotary