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J2 650

J2 650
Main Features
Technical Specifications
j2_615The J2 650 has been designed to be the most versatile and high performance integrated Point of Sale computer available to date. The 650 can be configured as a low power fan-less thin client terminal, a midrange thick client or even a Dual Core high speed server with RAID. Product versatility and reliability are the 650 systems key strengths.
The 650 Integrated Touch screen computer is an “all in the head” design that fills the role of a counter top or wall/pole mounted computer in the same unit. Both the counter top base and VESA/ wall mount brackets come standard with the 650.
There are many processor variants available for the 650.

The standard 650 comes with an Intel 1.6 GHz Celeron 420 Conroe Core processor. The processor uses the Intel LGA775 socket and can be upgraded or ordered with a wide range of single or dual core processor. The 650 has a very unique feature when using the 420 processor called “Green Mode”. This mode is set by a simple BIOS setup item. When in “Green Mode” the processor speed is reduced to 1GHz and fans are turned off. This in effect turns the 650 into a fan-less system for thin client uses. It also reduces the 650 power consumption by 25% reducing the 650 carbon foot print which is already very small.

Accessibility is the key to machine maintenance or upgradeability. Upgrades to the memory modules can be easily undertaken by removing only two screws on the back cover. A complete motherboard upgrade can be carried out in less than 2 minutes. The two quick change hard disk drives are easily accessible housed on a slide in drive bay that allows the drives to be hot swappable. The footprint of the J2 650 is particularly compact making it ideal for the space conscious retailer. The 650 thick or thin or server configurations support the standard Microsoft operating systems Vista, XP, WePOS, CE.NET and XPe, further demonstrating its versatility. The 650 is equally proficient with the many flavors of Linux.

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Main Features

Core Celeron 2.0Ghz, Upgradeable
15' LCD 250 cd/m
512Mb, up to 4Gb
Dual Core / RAID
160Gb 2.5' SATA removeable
3 serial, 5 USB, Printer Power

Tech Specs

Model J2 650
Processor Core celeron 2.0Ghz to Core 2 Duo 2.6Ghz
RAM 512Mb to 4Gb DDR2 800/667/533Mhz
LCD Screen 15' LCD 250cd/M2
Touchscreen Resistive
Serial Ports 3 x RS232. 2 can be powered +12V
USB Ports 5 external USB 2.0
Networking 10/100/1000 base T
Storage up to 2 hot swap 2.5 SATA drives Raid 0 or 1; CF card
OS Support Vista, XP, Wepos, CE5.0/6.0, linux
Magnetic Card Reader MSR, MSR-IButton, MSR-FPR
Printer Power Port 24 V
Customer Display 2 line LCD or 8.4', 12' or 15' LCD