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J2 615

J2 615
Main Features
Technical Specifications
j2_615The J2 615 sets a new standard for price and performance and is the first touchscreen Point of Sale computer to offer a Solid State Drive (SSD) as standard in addition to standard 1GB of RAM.
Providing brilliant performance, the 615 features the Intel Atom processor and the 945GSE/ICH7M chipset.
Designed especially with reliability in mind, this system features convection cooling that requires no fan; as well as an 8GB solid state drive for storage, thereby eliminating all moving parts from the system.
This unique computer does not compromise and offers full featured I/O ports. It is one of the best integrated touchscreen solutions available in the marketplace today.

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Main Features


Intel N270 1.6GHz Atom
15' LCD 250nits
SO-DIMM DDR 533HMz, 1GB Standard

8GB SATA SSD in a quick change slot
4 serial, 4 USB

Tech Specs


Model J2 615
Processor Intel N270 1.6GHz Atom
RAM SO-DIMM DDR 533HMz, 1GB Standard
LCD Screen 15' LCD 250nits
Touchscreen Resistive 5-wire or optional Infrared (IR)
Serial Ports 4 Serial Ports, RJ 45, power on serial ports 3&4
USB Ports 4 USB located in the cable well
Networking One Gigabit, RJ45 in cable well (Realtek RTL8111), wifi optional
Storage 8GB SATA SSD in a quick change slot
OS Support XP Pro for Embedded Systems, XP Pro, XP Embedded, POSReady 2009, CE 6.0, MS-DOS®, Linux
Magnetic Card Reader 3 Track, Fingerprint or I-Button optional
Printer Power Port N/A
Customer Display Customer Side VFD display with 2 x20 characters, powered from 615