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J2 680

J2 680
Main Features
Technical Specifications


NEW J2 680 

The most advanced touchscreen computer in the world

Combining phenomenal processing power a multitude of  I/O connectivity and state-of-the-art remote manageability the NEW J2 680 redefines what retailers can expect from a POS terminal.
Offering a full range of dual and quad core variants of the latest Intel Sandy bridge processor the NEW J2 680 can be configured to meet the exact needs of the end user from thick 'stand alone' to thin 'centrally controlled' solution


The superior I/O connectivity of the J2 680 includes 4 powered and BIOS enabled serial ports and 6 external USB’s including 3 PoweredUSB™ ports, eliminating the need for additional external power supply.

Intel’s vPro™ option and incorporated AMT (active management technology) ensures the NEW J2 680 offers larger retailers the option of vastly improved remote manageability and system diagnostics.

The NEW J2 680 boasts a choice of stylish bezel-free True Flat resistive or Projected Capacitive touch with gesturing and supports a dual 2.5”SATA HDD and SSD storage bay with true RAID function enabling its use as a proper server to protect data and offering a hot swappable design for easy maintenance.


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Intel’s Desktop Processor Socket LGA 1155

By using the latest generation of Intel’s desktop processors and chipsets, code named Sandy Bridge, the J2 680 supports a very wide range of processors. By taking advantage of J2 company’s and partners’ vast experience with notebook, desktop, and POS computer designs, we are able to combine features of all three for an optimal POS system design. The result is a POS system that can utilize a desktop chipset that draws very little power and generates a low amount of heat, similar to mobile chipsets and processors.
Notebook quality components are used in the processor, chipset, and power supply circuit, which allowsfor reduced heat generation and minimal power usage. Additionally, the 680 takes full advantage of the low power features built into the Intel processor and chipset to further reduce heat.

Hot Swappable RAID/ Dual Hard Drives

Like the J2 650, the first integrated POS system on the market to offer a hot swappable RAID feature the J2 680 also supports this feature. The two internal 2.5 inch SATA hard drives can be configured as a RAID array which gives true fault tolerance to the hard drive subsystem.

PoweredUSB Ports / Power Port

Addressing the need for additional power ports the J2 680 supports two +12V and one +24V PoweredUSB ports. The J2 680 can take advantage of growing availably or PoweredUSB products on the market.
In addition to the three PoweredUSB port the J2 680 also support four powered serial ports, and VGA +12V power, a +24V printer power port and 3 standard 2.0 USB ports.
By using a combination of these powered ports most all additional external power supplies for devices like scales, scanner, “Chip and Pin” devices, scanners, secondary display and other can be eliminated. This save space and reduces cost, cables and powered consumption. Also in most installs this means only one AC power point is needed. In additional with J2 optional UPS all these devices will be powered during a power outage.

Highest level CPU on the market

Sandy Bridge Dual and Quad core processors all of which have Intel's new turbo boost speeds.

Extensive I/O with power

•   4 Serial port DB9 with power, BIOS enabled
•   6 external USB ports, Including;
     •   1 X 24V PoweredUSB
     •   2 X 12V PoweredUSB
•   2 Video out ports
     •   DisplayPort video with HDMI support
     •   Secondary video port VGA - BIOS enabled
•   Cash drawer port with support for 2 drawers
•   Audio In/Out port jack
•   24V Printer power port for receipt printer
•   Gigabit Ethernet with Boot ROM and power on LAN

Highest performing Fan-less system

The J2 680 has a unique Fan-less mode for use with more energy efficient low-powered processors

Choice of stylish bezel free touch

•   True Flat Resistive - Reliable and well suited to retail and hospitality environments.
•   Projective Capacitive Touch with gesturing - A more robust option offering unlimited  touch life.

Intel vPro™ support option

J2 680 can support Intel vPro™ technology  to offer improved accessibility and serviceability. Intel AMT technology remotely enables larger retailers to securely diagnose and repair networked POS systems (i5 and i7 processor).

J2 Health Monitoring as standard

J2’s Health Monitoring system is available on all chipsets to enable the user’s application to access hardware parameters that can predict potential system failure.

'True' RAID function

Dual SATA HDD and SDD bay with RAID that supports RAID 0 and RAID 1 together with hot swap design for quick change.

Terminal you can place 'Anywhere'

All J2 touch screen computers offer the option to raise the integrated terminal above counter level (pole or VESA wall mounted).



J2 680 PDF Manual


J2 650

J2 650
Main Features
Technical Specifications
j2_615The J2 650 has been designed to be the most versatile and high performance integrated Point of Sale computer available to date. The 650 can be configured as a low power fan-less thin client terminal, a midrange thick client or even a Dual Core high speed server with RAID. Product versatility and reliability are the 650 systems key strengths.
The 650 Integrated Touch screen computer is an “all in the head” design that fills the role of a counter top or wall/pole mounted computer in the same unit. Both the counter top base and VESA/ wall mount brackets come standard with the 650.
There are many processor variants available for the 650.

The standard 650 comes with an Intel 1.6 GHz Celeron 420 Conroe Core processor. The processor uses the Intel LGA775 socket and can be upgraded or ordered with a wide range of single or dual core processor. The 650 has a very unique feature when using the 420 processor called “Green Mode”. This mode is set by a simple BIOS setup item. When in “Green Mode” the processor speed is reduced to 1GHz and fans are turned off. This in effect turns the 650 into a fan-less system for thin client uses. It also reduces the 650 power consumption by 25% reducing the 650 carbon foot print which is already very small.

Accessibility is the key to machine maintenance or upgradeability. Upgrades to the memory modules can be easily undertaken by removing only two screws on the back cover. A complete motherboard upgrade can be carried out in less than 2 minutes. The two quick change hard disk drives are easily accessible housed on a slide in drive bay that allows the drives to be hot swappable. The footprint of the J2 650 is particularly compact making it ideal for the space conscious retailer. The 650 thick or thin or server configurations support the standard Microsoft operating systems Vista, XP, WePOS, CE.NET and XPe, further demonstrating its versatility. The 650 is equally proficient with the many flavors of Linux.

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Main Features

Core Celeron 2.0Ghz, Upgradeable
15' LCD 250 cd/m
512Mb, up to 4Gb
Dual Core / RAID
160Gb 2.5' SATA removeable
3 serial, 5 USB, Printer Power

Tech Specs

Model J2 650
Processor Core celeron 2.0Ghz to Core 2 Duo 2.6Ghz
RAM 512Mb to 4Gb DDR2 800/667/533Mhz
LCD Screen 15' LCD 250cd/M2
Touchscreen Resistive
Serial Ports 3 x RS232. 2 can be powered +12V
USB Ports 5 external USB 2.0
Networking 10/100/1000 base T
Storage up to 2 hot swap 2.5 SATA drives Raid 0 or 1; CF card
OS Support Vista, XP, Wepos, CE5.0/6.0, linux
Magnetic Card Reader MSR, MSR-IButton, MSR-FPR
Printer Power Port 24 V
Customer Display 2 line LCD or 8.4', 12' or 15' LCD

J2 625

J2 625
Main Features
Technical Specifications

680The New J2 625 Terminal

For high performance and reliability J2 has chosen the new Intel Dual Core Atom 1.86GHz D2550 Cedarview processor to provide the longest product life possible. This new 32nm part has a higher speed with lower power consumption than other currently available Atom processors from Intel, at a similar price point. As part of the Intel embedded road map, the D2550 processor and chipset will be available for seven years from its release date.

The J2 625 offers a choice of touch screens; both are spill proof, dust proof, and can be cleaned with a standard glass cleaner. You can choose either a zero bezel five-wire resistive touch screen (TFR), or the multi-touch projected capacitive touch screen (PCT).

The J2 625 unit comes standard with 2GB of memory plus a choice of either a 2.5" SATA HDD or SDD (many different SSD/HDD capacities are available). With four serial ports, four USB ports, video output with VGA/DVA/HDMI support, cash drawer port, audio in/out, gigabit Ethernet, +12V output, as well as other built in peripheral capabilities, there is no question this is the computer your clients have been waiting for.

The J2 625 requires little or no maintenance. The convection cooled fan less design means it can be used in very harsh environments. High dust, grease, sea air or high temperatures will not affect the J2 625 operation. With a quick access HDD/SDD slot, a drive can be changed in just seconds if needed. A simple design allows the unit to be fully disassembled and assembled in just a few minutes by simply removing a few screws

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Key Features


Intel Atom D2550
15" LCD 1024x768
DisplayPort with HDMI support
Quick change HDD or SDD
4 serial,4 USB 2.0







Model  J2-625
Processor  Intel Atom Dual Core 2550 Cedarview 1.86GHz
RAM  DDR3 SODIMM 2GB Standard, 2 sockets up to 4 GB
LCD Screen  15" LCD [1024x768] LED backlit
Touchscreen  True Flat Resistive or Projected Capacitive Touch
Serial Ports  4 serial ports with +12V power option
USB Ports  4 external USB 2.0 ports
Networking  Gigabit
Storage  Quick change, slide in 2.5" SATA 3Gbit/s
OS Support  Windows 7, Windows 7 Embedded, POSReady 7
Magnetic Card Reader  3 track ISO, OPOS support
Printer Power Port
Customer Display  20 character x 2 line VFD, DisplyPort with HDMI support






J2 625 PDF Brochure







J2 630

J2 630
Main Features
Technical Specifications

j2_615The J2 630 combines "Power" & "Flexibility" utilising the latest Pineview Dual Core Processor and Chipset giving fluid operation with no hold up's.

It leverages and extends the many innovations and advances represented by the J2 650. Based around new chipset technology, it offers the power and resilience of a dual core processor, delivered with market-beating cost-effectiveness. Feature-rich, rugged and versatile, the J2 630 will be at home in retail and hospitality environments. Arrange for a demonstration today and see the power of this all new conquering terminal.


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Main Features

Intel 1.8GHz Dual Core Atom D525
15” TFT 1024x768
1Gb up to 4Gb
Dual Core
160Gb SATA
5 USB, 4 Serial, 1 parallel

Tech Specs

Model J2 630
Processor Intel 1.8GHz Dual Core Atom D525
RAM 2 Slots, SO-DIMM DDR3-800, up to 4GB
LCD Screen 15” TFT 1024x768, scaling for 800x600 and 640x480
Touchscreen ELO Resistive, IR or SAW
Serial Ports 4 RS232 two with +5/+12V support, BIOS Controlled
USB Ports 5 USB 2.0.
Networking Gigabit
Storage Quick change, slide in 2.5” SATA 3.0 Gbit/s
OS Support Windows 7, XP, linux
Magnetic Card Reader 3 track ISO, OPOS support
Printer Power Port NA
Customer Display Rear Display, 20 Character x 2 Line VFD,


J2 630 PDF Brochure



Drivers & Utilities to be loaded here shortly Wink

J2 615

J2 615
Main Features
Technical Specifications
j2_615The J2 615 sets a new standard for price and performance and is the first touchscreen Point of Sale computer to offer a Solid State Drive (SSD) as standard in addition to standard 1GB of RAM.
Providing brilliant performance, the 615 features the Intel Atom processor and the 945GSE/ICH7M chipset.
Designed especially with reliability in mind, this system features convection cooling that requires no fan; as well as an 8GB solid state drive for storage, thereby eliminating all moving parts from the system.
This unique computer does not compromise and offers full featured I/O ports. It is one of the best integrated touchscreen solutions available in the marketplace today.

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Main Features


Intel N270 1.6GHz Atom
15' LCD 250nits
SO-DIMM DDR 533HMz, 1GB Standard

8GB SATA SSD in a quick change slot
4 serial, 4 USB

Tech Specs


Model J2 615
Processor Intel N270 1.6GHz Atom
RAM SO-DIMM DDR 533HMz, 1GB Standard
LCD Screen 15' LCD 250nits
Touchscreen Resistive 5-wire or optional Infrared (IR)
Serial Ports 4 Serial Ports, RJ 45, power on serial ports 3&4
USB Ports 4 USB located in the cable well
Networking One Gigabit, RJ45 in cable well (Realtek RTL8111), wifi optional
Storage 8GB SATA SSD in a quick change slot
OS Support XP Pro for Embedded Systems, XP Pro, XP Embedded, POSReady 2009, CE 6.0, MS-DOS®, Linux
Magnetic Card Reader 3 Track, Fingerprint or I-Button optional
Printer Power Port N/A
Customer Display Customer Side VFD display with 2 x20 characters, powered from 615